Wednesday, September 12, 2012


As more and more of you begin to blog, I can't help but be proud and impressed. Like any proud teacher, I want to share what you do with the students in other classes. So every time I "clear my feed" (Read your blogs in my RSS Google Reader) I will share some highlights.

Candles- Beautiful tender vignette by Tanisha in grade 7
The Curse of the Injuries - Man United- Adit in grade 8 talks football
Cyberbullying- - Powerful post by Ananya
Seeing Shapes in the Clouds- Thanks Kavya. Are you a cloud spotter?
Infinity- Vaidehi contemplates infinity.
Guitar- Sana talks about the magic of guitar
Book Reviews- Aditi P talks books. In depth and well-written reviews of several books
Writing (Inspiration)-  Writing advice from Maurius
Text Art- You gotta see this. Super cool text art from Zak

Thank you guys for taking the time to write, to think, to share TO BLOG! You are getting it and I could not be more excited. If you are reading this post, please take the time to read these posts, share your thoughts, ask more questions and comment.Then get busy and write a post of your own.

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