Sunday, September 30, 2012

Next Door is Closer Than You Think

I recently introduced you all to Ms. Guinto, well let me now introduce you to her students. Some of these people may be your friends, while others may be strangers, either way take a look at what they are sharing:
  1. Hazel - an insightful view on blogging.  and storms.
  2. Gianluca - a sport lover's look at spending on sports.
  3. Jack - his poetic take on beaches   and books
  4. Jimin - a lovely post on blogging. 
  5. Mahpara - if you love music, you'll love this post
  6. Toby - you will never look at drum kits the same way. 
  7. Denivy - a shot in the dark, a post on inspiration.
  8. Rebecca - a loot at her Inner compass.
  9. Rosie - thought provoking post on Palm oil plantations.  
  10. Aisha - Book review on Suzanne Collin's Mockingjay 
  11. Emily - make sure you read and comment on her first chapter.
  12.  Rosalie - more thoughts on beaches. Make sure you check her earlier posts too.
  13. Annabelle - Dream exercise resulted in this.
  14. Cian - check out this eerie account of his dream about The Man.
  15. Michelle - Help her decode her random dream.
  16. Victoria - Check out her super post on mooncakes.
  17. Zoe - a personal post on ballet.  
  18. George - on sharing what's true to him.
  19. Lucy - on books and well, real life. 
  20. Ella - Check out her newest post on blogging.
  21. Caleb - a short post on his definition of music
Please take Ms. G's advice on commenting:
Finally, just a quick reminder:  don't forget to look at the tab on commenting. Helpful hints to make sure you are commenting with meat and grit and not fluff.  We also have new classroom signs hanging above the table for you to refer to, in case you need to some immediate references in the classroom. Check them out.
 We are here to connect based on ideas not classroom locations. So feel free to read, comment and share your ideas with the folks next door. 

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