Sunday, September 30, 2012

Round Up III

Wow! You guys are awesome. I am so proud of the things you are all writing about. All I can say is that I am blown away by all of you. I am really enjoying seeing the world through your words. Be sure to read and write and share and comment. So far so great......

  • Poster for Classroom- Wendy would love some quotes for this beautiful poster she made for our room. Help her out!
  • Great advise about boredom from Keito and another post about festivals. (He has been writing some great posts!)
  • Tell Naomi that we are all random and that we are here to help her share her ideas. Or talk to her about your "Random Sector" . Do you like cheese? Tell her about it.
  • Talk cats, BIG CATS with Pryia.
  • Sayantan flies a plane over Brazil!
  • Creepy doll stories  and how to be yourself by Tibor
  • Ananyan talks Michal Phelps
  • Powerful poem by Raj about the sick.
  • Ella talks blogging and whatever!
  • Glen writes about the long lines at lunch, the NBA and his love/hate relationship with Mc Donald's
  • Top Five songs of the week by India
  • More Football news from Kengo
  • iPhone 5 or Samsung? Have the debate on Joshua's latest post.
  • Talia Castellano's Inspiring Story by Lina
  • Maurius asks why the news is always so bad?
  • Michelle talks bugs and food

  • What are you waiting for. Share your world....

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    1. This is totally great, Jabiz! The kids are so inspiring. Writing my round up now too. :) Be sure to let your kids check it out. I will do the same. :)

      Ms. P