Thursday, January 10, 2013

Characters Are...

I didn't want my first post after the break, and after such an extended time be one of practicality, but the busy of life at UWCSEA dictates that my more soulful post of inspiration wait. In the meantime, I wanted to share these useful lists of words to help describe characters.

It should be helpful to have these lists as you are learning how to identify character traits, reactions and motives while making inferences to develops theories about character development. It is a good idea to begin a list of descriptions for characters as you come across them on whatever you read. This vocabulary should help you move beyond basic descriptions like the character is good or bad.

 Try to use these words to describe the characters you discuss both at the Table and in your writing. I found these lists here, but a simple google search of "list of adjectives to describe characters" will yield results too.

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  1. Extremely helpful. Thanks. (That's not supposed to be sarcastic.)