Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Saddest Dolphin

Hello ocean lovers. Friends of animals. Activist for the seas. This post is for you. I recently received a link on Twitter from the art teacher over at UWCSEA Dover, Nicki Hambleton asking for help to get the word out about a new captive dolphin exhibit at Sentosa. Take a look:

I know we have a group of dedicated animal rights advocates in our midst, so I thought I would share. More info here.

It's not an oceanarium, it's a prison....

Would love to hear your thoughts in the comments. 


  1. Wow. Looking at this, that was the only thought in my mind. This is a very sad thing to hear. I've been to this place and never knew that dolphins were treated so bad. I think we should do something to help. I will find out more about this and surely do something. Me, being an animal lover will sand up to this and help out. Thanks for the information Mr Raisdana!

  2. I feel very strongly about getting these dolphins released. They deserve a real life. A life where they don't have to do tricks for peoples amazement. They deserve to be free and live the long life that they deserve. In captivity, they are not living their life, just swimming around in circles wondering when the torture is going to end and when they will be able to go back home to the wide open waters. I do want to help save them. They deserve at least that, to be free.
    Save the Dolphins!

    Sam Coutts

  3. Hi Mr.R,

    I've heard and read about the Resorts World Dolphins and I think it is astonishing that Dolphins are being kept in captivity in such bad conditions. Two of them died so far. As an ocean activist part of my own ocean-related GC, I really would like to help with this cause. However, if we are raising questions about Dolphins in captivity, what about zoos? They are exactly the same thing, just using land animals. They make them do shows, yet everyone still loves the zoo. Yes, we can educate people about endangered species using the zoo but its the same thing in terms of captivity. I'm just surprised that this is getting so much attention yet there is an extremely similar situation right underneath our noses.

    1. As a long time vegetarian and recent vegan convert, one could also argue that beyond zoo, the way we treat animals for out food should be cause for alarm and conversation. I am curious where you guys take this. So continue this conversation here or on your blogs. I know Anatara in 8 MRA has shown interest as well in the topic of animal rights.

      Great material for reflection and questioning.

    2. Pavitra, 3 Dolphins have died. 2 in their holding pens in Langkawi in 2010 and 1 enroute Singapore recently. Also, Dolphins (Cetaceans) are wild caught free ranging animals and depend on echolocation for nearly everything. This is UNLIKE land animals and therefore it is not fair to compare land animals to cetaceans. They are completely different. I will post a comment below about my thoughts on this.

    3. Quick add: Pavitra, I'm also against zoos. I don't believe in captivity. Period. Thought of setting my stand straight. Thanks and please continue your support for your Ocean related activities. This planet needs more people like yourself to help in the healing.

  4. OK here goes. These are wild caught dolphins coming from an area in the Solomon Islands that already has a depleted population of these Cetaceans. Dolphins have close knit family and friends structures, much like ourselves and are empathic animals. Live caught animals need not be used in 21st Century World where much better learning can be achieved by the numerous resources available online including HD videos. I have a hard time understanding why RWS would need 25 Dolphins to "teach" people about conservation! If it isn't about entertaining people, RWS denies it, then why were their trainers teaching these same Dolphins to do tricks such as play with b alls, jump through hoops and so on? What conservation are they trying to teach other than cheap entertainment for gullible people who don't know a thing about these animals. Anyone watching a dolphin show isn't going home with an education. He/she are going home entertained. There are many options for human entertainment. It doesn't have to be at the cost of destroying an entire pod of wild caught Dolphins for the same. It is for this lie and for many other lies and cover ups by RWS that we must oppose this imprisonment. However luxurious a jail may be, it is still a jail. In this case, although RWS says they take great care, the photos speak volumes about their lies and the ill treatment of Dolphins robbed by them from the Wild. Please avoid going to their so-called Marine Life Sciences Park or whatever they call it. By all means visit RWS, Sentosa, Singapore etc but show your support to the Dolphins by NOT buying a ticket.

  5. Wow. As saddening as this is, its more irritating than anything. I think entertainment industries around the world concerning animals should know by now that ill treatment of animals will just cause a cry of protest from the public, and they probably do, yet they still take minimum measures to think about the animal's comfort- and in general, whether the captivity of these dolphins is appropriate are not. They are not even domesticated. We all say that we "love" animals and want to be "up close" and personal with them, but love is about appreciation, not possession.