Sunday, March 3, 2013

Birth of a Song

This story goes like this:
  • On February 25, I shared a poem that Michelle wrote on her blog with my Intro to Guitar class. (I asked her first if it was okay)
  • Two days later Bryan took the words, created a google doc, dressed them up in some chords and records this.

  • A few days after that Nathan, shuffled the words and created this beautiful melody and recorded his version.
  • This past Saturday, I went back to google doc, changed some chords and recorded my verse:

A few days later two more versions: and this one here: Another day? Another version. What do you think? Anything you can add? Give it a go? Play with the words? Get inspired?

1 comment:

  1. Wow this is amazing!
    The poem that Michelle wrote is beautiful. She is really talented and should maybe think about writing songs as well as poetry. I would love to hear some of her other poems. The song is stunning. The result of it is beautiful to listen to and its a terrific song. The fact that it started out as a poem that then moved onto a song is amazing! I like the version you did Mr. Raisdana as well as the original poem and the recorded song. Amazing, fantastic, fabulous, stupendous job you guys!

    Sam Coutts, 7MSy <3