Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Get Up Stand Up!

I recently heard this great story from a friend in Yokohama about how a group of 5th graders are standing by their values and protesting other students at their school. Older students! Yup, these guys felt so strongly that what the high school students at their school were doing was wrong, that they stood up and made themselves heard.

Story goes likes,
In December, right before the holidays, students in my grade 5 class followed their heart and inquired into plastic water bottle sales that were happening at school. The high school Business Studies class students were selling water bottles to make money. I think their goal was to create a business and make a profit.

The students in my class and I didn’t like it so we considered what to do about it. At that time, students decided to research plastic water bottles detrimental effects and create a presentation to show the Business Studies class. It went well.
They stopped selling water bottles until,
This week, things changed. The Business Studies students came back with a table of water bottles–some large, some small and two different prices. It was the same water from before: Kirkland water from Costco. They had rows and rows of water for sale for 50 yen and 100 yen (pretty cheap).
Students were angry.

You can read all the details here.  I wanted to share this story as I found it inspirational. What do you think? Any advice for these guys? Leave you thoughts in the comments. Show your support, if you agree with their tactics. It will be great for them to see that they are not alone and that other students are listening.

Feeling empowered enough to move yourself to action is a very important life skill; it is great to see these young learners pushing themselves and the students at their school to think and act. 


  1. Is this at Yokohama International school? That's the school I am moving to! I think that it is really good what they did. They stood up for what they believed in and tried to make a difference.

    Sam Coutts, 7MSy

    1. Hey Sam,

      Yes this is YIS. I know quite a few teachers there and I am sure you will love it. Your blogging skills will come in handy as they are a very active school in terms of online work and sharing.

  2. wowwww!!!!!!!!!!! i wish our class could do something this amazing and brave.

    1. Pretty cool right? It is not easy to organize such action. Takes guts and focus. I hope that if you believed in something strongly that you would take action too.

  3. Thanks for putting us up on your blog and supporting us. We were victorious. The water bottle sellers have said they won't sell PET bottle water anymore, and they want to start a business with us! We're waiting to hear from them, but they want to go with our business idea to sell ice cream. We'll give some of the profits to charity.

    Class 5B