Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Power Bloggers

What?! My last post was on the 25th of February? How did that happen? I was supposed to be a good role model and try to write at least once a week. I see what you all mean-- life can get busy and writing becomes difficult. But I am going to choose to carve out the next 20-30 minutes and crank out a post. Here we go. Hang on.

You are my inspiration. Reading through my feedly, I am so impressed by the quantity and quality of the posts some of you have been writing.  (I may not comment, but I am reading every post.) Despite all your busy lives, some of you have chosen to flex your writing muscles, open up your hearts, take a big risk and blog!

Reading your posts reminds me that we all want to be heard and understood and listened to. I am still convinced that having a space to write and share our ideas, thoughts and feelings is a great way to work our out issues, while also connecting to others. These connections help us understand that we are not alone and many people go through the same things we do.

It may appear that you have little to say or that no one will care, but people do. You matter and so does what you have to say. So anyway.....I have decided to round up a few blogs as examples of what it looks like when you are write consistently and build up your stamina.

The following people are bloggers because they choose to make time in their days to hone their craft and attempt to reach an audience they are not sure exists. This reaching out takes guts and practice so Good On Ya!

Power Bloggers (These people have taken on blogging challenges and/or are writing two or three times a week.They have also begun to comment on each others blogs)


Getting Started (These people have a few posts and are getting their feet wet. Great start. They need our attention and some support!)

Jo Yie
Suk Woo

Not a bad list, but where are the grade 8s? While we haven't spent as much time promoting the blogs in grade eight, there are few die hard writers out there who are writing with some consistency.


Come on grade 8s! Let's see some more writing on your blogs.

If you are interested in writing, sharing, blogging and audience than come join the power bloggers. Take the first step and just start writing. If you are stuck and need some ideas take a look at and subscribe to some of the blogs from above. They are sure to inspire you, as they inspire me.


  1. Hi Mr Raisdana, what is blogging challenge? Can I go for it?

    1. Sure Larry, Just google Blogging Challenge and there are few different ones. They are just 30 prompts designed to help you write everyday. Remind me and I will show you in class.