Sunday, November 25, 2012

i am proud

My brain is on fire. The only way I can think to put it out is to write. Sad you say, perhaps, but someday I hope that you will feel the heat of this disease. There is nothing quite as exciting as having a blaze of thoughts burn through your mind, your body, your soul--leaving a smear of ash and smoke on the page. The world is too much with us, so we write to try and help lighten the load.

I am proud. I am proud of you. I am proud of myself. I am proud of our peers and fellow teachers. I am proud of the community we are building and the work we are doing and the thoughts we are thinking and the conversations we are having and the art we are creating and the writing we are doing and, and, and .....I am proud. I am proud of those of you choosing to open up and share and express yourselves and I am proud of those of you choosing to sit still a while longer.

Sometimes, we want it all and we want it now, but life takes time. Communities take time. Trust takes time, but when the sparks begins to spread the slow fire burns. Perhaps it was Solal's piece that ignite this blaze, but ever since it feels like our blogs are burning up. After a quick share about Vulnerability and Introverts, we heard from Michelle, Sana, Pranav, Lina, Pavitra, Chloe and Rohan.

As a community, we have been lucky to hear from Ms. G and her class: Mizuki. Eric. Sid. AroniEthan. We even got some criticism and push back about our work to which Michele and Liam  have responded beautifully. (See the comments) Honestly there is too much to share in one post. This is good. This is great. I am proud. Your teachers are modeling this work by sharing their poetry here and here. ( I know, I know, mine is coming soon)

Not everyone is baring their soul to the universe, however, and this is more than okay. No one ever said that your blog must be a public diary. It can be anything you want to share. People are writing about Diwali/Deepavali, strange memories, Slender Man, and even Rigor and Mother Theresa! There is advice on blogging and so much more. Everyday, brings a new list of posts that I get to read. please dive in and interact. Reading your blogs is my favorite thing to do, because I get to know you so well. The problem is that I  simply cannot comment on each post, as there are too many, but I am reading them all. Now is the time for you to  begin commenting with each other.

Do you see what is happening? Our community has begun to sprout. We are growing. Our roots are finding their way. Our pots are becoming too small. It is getting bigger than anyone one of us. It includes all of us. You could spend several hours following these links. Then a few hours more thinking, then a few hours more writing and responding. Reading, thinking, writing? Music to my ears. This is what blogging is all about and you are understanding that.

Thank you. Thank you very much. I am proud of you. I am proud. Can you hear me? Can you feel the heat, the buzz, the excitement? All from some words on a page. Burned there by you, your ideas, and your voice. What do you think? What do you want people to know about what we are doing? Leave your thoughts in the comments below...


  1. Online and offline, you inspire me. #slowbuild
    Thank you.

    Ms. P

    p.s. will comment again soon. Including adding a comment in the thread for M. M

  2. Funny thing is, Jabiz, this always seems to happen wherever you spend any time. I'm not saying you are fertilizer exactly.... ;)

  3. I think that blogging is a part of all of us. I remember at the beginning of the year, some people were moaning abut having to write on a blog. But thats because they didn't realize what their own blog and all the blogs could and are becoming. Some of those people are now the people that are posting their deep thoughts and truly painting their heart and soul into each word on the canvas known as our blog. Over time, I have realized the blog is more than just our writing. It's like a online diary that is not to reviling, yet it shows people enough so that they can see who we are. I think that without my blog, to me it would be the missing planet in my solar system. Thank you Ms. Paula, you are a true inspiration. Thank you for al you have done for me, my class, for everybody.

    Sammie <3

    1. Thank you Sam, for being such an advocate and participant for all we are trying to do and build. I have noticed that you are a prolific contributor both as content creator and commenter in these online spaces. Every network, needs someone who is connected across nodes and understands the need for connectivity. I am glad we have you. I have added your blog to my reader and I look forward to getting to know you better through your space.

      But in the meantime, please stop by in "real" life and say hello. I am right next door and look forward to meeting you.

    2. Wow, Sam. This is a powerful comment. I love this line in particular:

      "Some of those people are now the people that are posting their deep thoughts and truly painting their heart and soul into each word on the canvas known as our blog."

      I have watched you grow the past few weeks and it's been a great thing to see. :) Thank you again for the kind words and all the love.

      Ms. P

  4. At the start of the year when you introduced the Idea of blogging and sharing our work with other through these blogs I was like no way thats not going to happen. But as you left this seed in my had the seed of my blog I dropped it. I dropped it in the mud. Then rain lots of rain. Slowly but surely this seed began to grow. And it still grows but now I dont have to wait for the rain. I water it. I try and water it daily. And I take care of it. I watch it, watch it as it grows into a tree.

    I now really really really like blogging and reading others blogs. Mainly because of all the interesting and different things people post. The things they have to say about what you post. But the one thing that I like most about the blogs is that they are mine. My blog is mine. I can do what I want and no one says you have to or that you cant.

    Thank you Mr.R for giving me the seed that is my blog.