Sunday, November 25, 2012

ten things i know to be true

Thanks to Ms. Paula for reminding me to share my list of ten things with you. This is primarily for my grade seven students as we explore poetry, but might prove insightful for the rest of you as well. The idea of the list is based on Sarah Kay's amazing ted talk below:

1. Anything worth doing takes time and effort. Things that are easy are seldom valuable.

2. Everyone is broken in one way or another. We are all stories made from scars, which upon inspection prove to run deep and beautiful.

3. Music has been my oldest and best friend. My therapist, my guide, my savior and my family.

4. Nature is a wondrous and complex system that does not operate outside of us. We are nature. 

5. Children and young adults are the key to the future and we should never devalue your voice. Young people matter and it is my job to remind everyone of this fact.

6. Anyone can be creative  and express themselves when they see beyond their fear of judgement.

7. Human beings are naturally good. When given a chance they will prove this to you.

8. Nearly all conflict is based on misunderstanding and poor communication. We need to listen and emphasize before we speak.

9. There will never be enough time to do it all. Life is short so stay committed to curiosity and exploration. Make everyday about learning something new about the world or yourself.

10. Fear is the biggest obstacle. It must be overcome to move forward in anything.

cc licensed ( BY NC ) flickr photo shared by Intrepidteacher

Sarah mentions that our thoughts and ideas intersect, so where do you agree with me? Where do you think our lists connect? Would love to see your ideas in the comments below.


  1. I love your list, bro. :)

    Let's see four intersections:
    something similar, total opposite, never heard of before and know but see in a different way, right?

    This is hard. Because we see the world and stuff in it the same way almost. Our lists align. Even if I know it is not that obvious in the lists we posted.

    Anyway, I will try:
    so something similar? tattoos and scars and storytelling? too literal?
    total opposite? um, can't find anything
    something I never even heard of? um, drawing a blank
    something I know but never saw that way? your bit about nature. that's awesome.

    Phew. Your turn.

    Thanks again for being you. I am a lucky duck.

    Ms. P

  2. I love your photos, as it seems they tell as much of a story as your writing does! That doesn't mean I don't love your writing too, it seems very relatable and well thought out. Your different points have good contrasts and it tells the reader a lot about you.