Tuesday, February 5, 2013

There Is A Gap

Are we exhausted yet? Is it Chinese New Year yet? Almost, but not quite. I just wanted to share a poster that is up in our classroom. I felt it was very timely as we crawl into this break.

I wanted to remind you, as I had back assessments, and we roll our eyes and slump our shoulders with 5's or even 6's at the possible disappointment because we are all not 7's or perfect. Life takes work. Hard work and writing is no different. Like all art it takes time and skill and work and more work.

Hang in there guys. Do not be upset or disappointment, find out where you are and why you are there and where you need to go and what you need to do and work toward it. Practice. Remember you can do your best, but it still takes time for it to be good. Take my word for it, I have been working at it for 38 years. 

Have a nice holiday, rest up, and let's back to work and learn together. What do you think? What have you been working on lately? What do you do that takes lots of work?

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