Clue: a space is a place where students will extend our classroom community by meeting each other online, sharing ideas, and extending our learning. The goal is to use this online space as a virtual classroom, where we will learn to use a variety of tools to help our learning, meet other students throughout the world, and develop a better understanding of how we connect to the world through the Internet.

Using technology is really about the processes of problem solving. While it is nice to have someone hold your hand and take you through every step, the efficient user learns how to take risks, uses trial and error strategies, and “figures it out” on their own.
I will be here to give you guidance and help you when you get stuck, but I expect that you will learn how to ask the right questions to solve your own problems and find techniques to find the answers before you come to me.

The hope is that you will become a confident and able learner who is able to use the right tool at the right time to help your learning.

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