Sunday, October 7, 2012

Great Advice about Creativity from Next Door

Don't know what to write, say, share? Ms. G has a great post about creativity to get you going.
It's true. There are days where we can write, create, invent, remix, paint, shoot and develop/manipulate material with no problem at all. We've all had those, right? Where the ideas come pouring in and you can't stop moving your hands and your spirit to arrive at a magnificent piece of art.  A blog post melts on white space like butter on a hot pan.  Paintings emerge effortlessly on the canvas; your vision and reality a complete match. Song lyrics float in the air. Photos speak a thousand narratives just from the light hitting the subject's eyes.  It seems like, when our muses cooperate, the work is easy. When the ideas are within our reach and are overflowing, the process feels like a relaxed day sunbathing by the beach, cold mango smoothie in one hand, an annotated book in the other. 

Be sure to check out the whole post here.  What do you think? How do you get inspired, motived to create?

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