Sunday, December 9, 2012

The World in Words and Film

Attention middle school writers, film makers, artists and creative types! The middle school English department has a challenge for you.

Christmas writing challenge: "The world in words and film"
You are encouraged to go out into the world and make a video of yourselves reading up to four lines of original poetry or prose inspired by a special place. This place should feature in a video. Maybe you are visiting the Taj Mahal or your favourite tree:
  • Write about it
  • Film it
  • Upload your film
  • Share it on your blog
A collection of the best films will be shown in assembly during Writers' Fortnight in Week 2 of next term. Unfortunately I was in Chiang Mai when this video was made, but I will upload my own soon enough. Any questions can go in the comments to help others or ask me in person this week.Looking forward to seeing what you create.


  1. This sounds so cool, :) I am eagerly waiting to take up this challenge. I love listening and writing poetry. I'll do my best over the christmas holidays. (Now I won't be bored)
    Have Great Day,
    Aditi M

  2. It sounds really exciting! One question, where do upload this to?

    1. For now go ahead and upload them to your blog and we can sort it out when we get back.