Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Not Once Did I Fold

I recently, like very recently-- yesterday, wrote a post about the kind of posts I tend to highlight and showcase in our classroom. You can read it here, if you missed it, but I wanted to use this post to continue to explore and reflect on the themes described there within. That post was aimed to draw out your thoughts on the student work I share with you, but here...now, I want to remind myself why it is I ask you all to write and share and connect.

There are many ways to write, share and connect. Perhaps, I led you to believe that confession or complete openness was the best or only way to use your blogs. I am here to tell you now, that full confessional is not always the best path. Sometimes a hint or an inference can go a long way. Sometimes, we shed light from within in ways that we normally do not. Sometimes we write with humor or music. Sometimes we draw or illustrate. Sometimes we share our love of food or sport or animals or friends or the way the wind bends trees and moves clouds. Sometimes we get silly. Sometimes we ponder and dive deep.

I thought that I would share a beautiful piece of life. Jam packed into sun rays, photography, film and music. Layered in banjo, voice and bass.  I hope you can see that by sharing this song, I am offering you more than a confessional text. I hope you can infer the meaning, significance and beauty of this work of art...

And these lines tell a truth
These city veins answer all we do
So could you keep me in the pulses
Could you keep me in the sound

I got wise and I got old
Not once, not once did I fold
So don't you now

(I recommend full screen and headphones) 

Blind Pilot :: 'New York' via @liveset from Blind Pilot on Vimeo.

Remember the point is expression not confession The point is connection not projection. What moves you? What will connect you to us? Anything you write is a part of you and will move us all one step closer. Would love to continue this conversation in the comments. What do you think about what I have said? The song? Art? Community?

You don't have to bare your soul, but would be nice to hear your thoughts, read your words, hear your voice. 

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