Wednesday, March 13, 2013

We Can Now Connect

i was thinking of you. and me. us. and the things that we do. in class and out. i do that a lot, think about you. me. us and the things we do in and out of class. i was thinking in chunks. and spurts. and messy punctuation. in lower cases and confusing places. i was thinking about you when i saw this:

But now our world is too small and too close for us not to make a difference

We can now connect
            Crowds around a cause
            The ignorant to knowledge
            The isolated to college
            Orphans to their fathers
            Donors to non-profits
            And injustices to those who can stop it......

.....The true nature of this new age unit
Is in how we use it
Woven into each and everyone of us there is an inner net
And I pray we may stitch our world back together
As we knit, patch, and connect

i was thinking of you. and me. us. and the things that we do. what are you thinking about?

You can read the words here and learn more about David.

1 comment:

  1. I really like this video. It made me think a lot about the different ways that people connect and how the community is developing. It made me think of friendships and how things change sometimes. It also opened my eyes a bit to what is actually happening to the world and our community as technology progresses over time. Thank you for sharing this video :)

    Sam Coutts,