Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Time To Rock and Roll

Hey Grade 8's I have some exciting news. We can continue to hang out next year. I have been a bit worried that my little babies would grow up and leave the nest and that I would not see you again until graduation. But I just found out that my idea for a high school activity has been approved. So if you love music keep an eye out for The History of Rock and Roll.

Here are some rough ideas:
The History of Rock and Roll. Open to HS students, it is a chance to get together and study, explore and listen to the most important bands, songs, and albums of rock music from the 1950′-the 2000s. We will explore the historical and social context of the music, while looking at lyrics, musical structure as well as lasting impact on the world and rock music.
  • Perhaps we learn to play a song from each decade and perform at the end of a few weeks.
  • Perhaps we create a digital story (exploring tech, film, and media) at the end of each decade.
  • Perhaps we can share our work and learning on a blog and/or youtube channel
  • Perhaps we create an iBook documenting the learning.
Or maybe we blend all three:

We discuss and learn about music from every decade, learn to play a few songs throughout the term, which we perform and document our learning through film, media and digital storytelling. Finally we consolidate all of it in an iBook helping us learn how to use iBook author software. 
Let me know if you have any suggestions below in the comments. Looking forward to seeing some of you next year!  

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