Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Stress Relief

Hey. Me again. Man! Am I busy and feeling stressed. I seem to have too many things in the oven so to speak, and I am not sure if everything will cook correctly. I have, what feels like, a million things to do these days and not even sure where to even start. In addition to planning and running the intensely interesting and life changing lessons I teach you everyday, I am planning a two-day fifteen hour workshop for teachers in April. I agreed to write my first paid piece for these guys (also by April), and I am trying to read more young adult books. I just finished Monster and started Divergent.

I feel I am behind in conferencing with both grade seven and eight and worried that you are not receiving timely and useful feedback. I want to create an automated feedback form, but can't seem to get around to doing it. We are also starting to think about and plan the next units for both grade seven and eight on Shakespeare, while we also documenting the things that worked and didn't quite hit the mark with our current unit in the unit planner.

Oh and when I get home I have two kids to raise, a wife to hang out with and my own thoughts to wrestle with. My point. Life can be busy. It can be stressful. I feel your pain. This post is not about comparing who is busier or throwing ourselves a pity party. I wanted to share some strategies I use when I am feeling overwhelmed.

First thing you might be asking is, "Mr. R, if you are so busy why are you blogging? Why don't you just start that feedback form or keep working on your upcoming workshop?" Well, you might find this hard to believe, but writing actually relieves my stress. When I sit at the screen and hear the sounds of the keys, clickty clack and I watch my thoughts take form on the screen, I feel a sense of calmness descend on whatever freak-stress-show I might be involved in. Writing helps me stay sane. 

Tonight, I will come back to school, walk down to the music studios and play music for two hours. No matter how busy I am, I know that I need this time to re-charge. I crank up the amps and I sing. I play. I sweat. No matter how tired I am it helps me re-group and continue on the rest of the week. Music helps me relax and I enjoy watching myself learn and grow as a singer.

I asked my Facebook friends to send me their home addresses, so I can make the first three who sent me their addresses a hand-made piece of art. I like to always have an art project on the go to keep my mind creative. I have begun to buy the supplies for these pieces, but it is the thinking about them that helps me find balance. Making art brings balance to my life.

Okay, wow. I'm going on and on. You are busy too. I know. I get it. I feel you. But as you can see, how you manage your stress is up to you. It may appear that I am just giving myself more work, and in a way I am, but it is work I care about and love. So to help alleviate stress you must make room to do the things you love.

What kinds of things do you to relieve stress? What helps you find you balance and stay sane. Share your ideas in the comments below!


  1. Hi Mr Raisdana, I feel you wrote this post just at the right time. Recently I have been pretty stressed with trying to get things organized, and keep telling myself that I don't have time for a break. In reality though, out of the 6 whole hours I have after school there's definitely 1 hour that I can turn on my music, dance and commit to the rhythm. Really thank you for your idea.

  2. Hi Mr. Raisdana, this is Sharon. I also do the same thing when I think I am bit lost and feel unorganised. I really like to play piano, listen to musics and sometimes write down the notes that flashes across my mind. When I am stressed or in a bad mood, I play fast loud and grand music piece. Also peaceful and calm music also helps me feel more comfortable. Doodling also helps.
    Like other people say to you, my parents or friends ask me why I bother to do those if I don't have time. But it is kind of a way to release a stress to me.

  3. Hi,
    Thanks for the tip! Definitely going to try it!

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